Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fresh foods

Fruits: melons (watermelon/cantaloupe), apples, seedless grapes, blueberries, frozen pitted cherries

Veggies: green beans, carrots, corn, and peas.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cylinder Pouch

1- cut a square piece of fleece (mine was about a 12"x12" and it's a pretty snuggly fit for a fluffy glider, lol)
2- cut out 1 1/2" squares on the corners
3- make 1 1/2" cuts down all 4 sides every 1/2" or so (just make sure you make the same even (not odd) number of cuts on all the sides)
4- fold the fleece in half with the good side facing out
5- tie each of the strips on one of the short sides together
6- do the same for the long side
7- on the second short side, tie off the strips that are next to each other together (kind of like a hem) or you can leave them loose
8- cut a strip of fleece or chain and thread through the top corner ties, make sure you double knot them
9- hang and stuff with fleece scraps

i hung the pouch in several different places, pick whichever your gliders likes most
-against the side of the cage
-hanging straight from the cage roof
-tied to a horizontal cross-cage bar (this one's good for the acrobatics in the family, although Miszka's a little fluffy to maneuver this one very well, lol)

Bow Pouch

1- cut 12" square piece of fleece
2- fold corners over and make little cuts in the middle of the triangle (these slits are used to hang the pouch, so they don't need to be very big at all) IMAGE
3- take fleece and fold in half
4- make small slits on the folded side about a half inch from each end. IMAGE
5- fold fleece in the other direction and repeat step 4. IMAGE
6- cut 2 lengths of fleece, make sure they're not cut in the stretchy direction
7- take to opposite corners and thread with one strip, repeat with the other strip for the remaining 2 corners

you can also just use a baby link to thread the 4 corners through for hanging

8- fold out each of the 4 openings and use a short strip of fleece to tie a bow through the slit
9- tie pouch onto cage top or beam

Water Bottle Tunnel

Miszka's FAVORITE hangout!

1- find a water bottle that is big enough for your glider, fluffy or not. I used a Fiji bottle in this one.
2- cut off the bottom and top of the water bottle with scissors so that there isn't any tapering on the ends
3- cut a piece of fleece that has these dimensions:
length= 2 times water bottle length + 3" (for the strips)
width= enough to wrap the water bottle + 3" (for the strips)
4- make the same number of 1 1/2" cuts along both LENGTH sides every 1/2" or so
5- make the same number of 1 1/2" cuts along both WIDTH sides every 1/2" or so
6- fold the fleece lengthwise with the bad side facing outwards
7- tie off the strips on the LENGTH side, use double knots here
8- punch holes on either end of the water bottle, you will thread a strip of fleece or rings through to hang the tunnel later on
9- put the fleece inside the water bottle so that 1 1/2" is sticking out one end
10- take the other end of the fleece and invert it OVER the water bottle like a sock (the bottle will be in between the two layers with the loose fleece strips on one end)
11- tie off all the loose strips on the one end of the bottle and double knot
12- use a ring or fleece strip to thread through the holes punched in the water bottle and the gaps of the tied off fleece
13- hang

Wodent Wheel Adjustment

1 - Cut the gutter guard to the length of the original track plus an extra 1/2"
2 - Trim the gutter guard down one side to be the same width as the original track.
3 - Insert into the rims of the Wodent Wheel with the ends overlapping (as shown in her picture) and assemble as normal...

Make sure that the overlapping edge of gutter guard has the pre-cut edge on the inside, and the end you trimmed on the outside. Also, at least for the gutter guard I bought, one side was much smoother than the other, so I made sure that the smooth side was the surface she ran on. It can also be tricky to get all the little jagged edges into the track slide.

Quick test: run your fingers or a moist tissue on the inside and see if you snag on anything. You know how fast these little gliders go on their wheels!!!

Voila! Adjusted wheel...

(thanks to sugarglidersuz for some of the instructions)

Tissue Box Pouch

Hehe, I can't stop .... I made this out of a tissue box, cut holes in the sides, and tied together 6 fleece panels for the outside. Threaded fleece strips to hang it and cut slits in the fleece sides where the box holes were. Then i stuffed it with leftover fleece scraps. Peekaboo!!!


1- cut holes in a tissue box, or leave with just the one hole
2- cut 6 pieces of fleece that are 4 inches wider and taller than one tissue box side
3- cut 2 inch slits on all sides of the fleece pieces
4- trace the fleece hole size and cut radial slits from the center or just cut out the hole IMAGE
5- double knot 4 fleece pieces to another piece IMAGE
6- double knot the sides
7- poke 4 holes into top of tissue box and thread fleece strips (knotted at one end)
8- insert
tissue box into fleece sleeve
9- knot top fleece to 4 sides
10- place fleece strips as liners inside the tissue box
11- cut slits on the free ends of the fleece hangers and thread a ring or clip through for hanging

i found it might work better to cut out the sides of the tissue box, only leaving the frame. that way there isn't a hard surface to sleep on. although it all depends on whether your glider likes it cushy or firm.


Here's the link to someone else's instructions for the trampoline. I think I just made little tweeks, but it's glidrz5 idea.
Trampoline Instructions
I used a rubber ring that was in the PVC pipe section of the hardware store as the trampoline frame. I liked it because it had 4 holes in it already.
1- cut 4 fleece strips, about 1-2 inches wide and double the length i wanted the trampoline to hang
2- looped 4 fleece strips through the holes and used them to hang the trampoline.
3- cut slits into the ends of the strips and slip onto a ring, hook, whatever you want to hang onto the cage.


Corner Shelf

1- cut 18 inch square piece of fleece (adjust to make larger or smaller corner shelf)
2- fold fleece diagonally in half so it looks like a triangle
3- cut 2 inch slits into the folded edge of the fleece
4- cut 2 in strips parallel to the folded edge about a 1/4 inch apart
5- stop cutting slits when there is about a 1 inch gap of fleece between the two sides of fringe
6- cut off corner tip of triangle
5- take 3 clips or baby links and knot them onto the corners of the folded fleece
6- tie off remaining strips
7- clip to cage

adopted from Suz's Sugar Gliders No Sew Accessories