Sunday, January 14, 2007

Water Bottle Tunnel

Miszka's FAVORITE hangout!

1- find a water bottle that is big enough for your glider, fluffy or not. I used a Fiji bottle in this one.
2- cut off the bottom and top of the water bottle with scissors so that there isn't any tapering on the ends
3- cut a piece of fleece that has these dimensions:
length= 2 times water bottle length + 3" (for the strips)
width= enough to wrap the water bottle + 3" (for the strips)
4- make the same number of 1 1/2" cuts along both LENGTH sides every 1/2" or so
5- make the same number of 1 1/2" cuts along both WIDTH sides every 1/2" or so
6- fold the fleece lengthwise with the bad side facing outwards
7- tie off the strips on the LENGTH side, use double knots here
8- punch holes on either end of the water bottle, you will thread a strip of fleece or rings through to hang the tunnel later on
9- put the fleece inside the water bottle so that 1 1/2" is sticking out one end
10- take the other end of the fleece and invert it OVER the water bottle like a sock (the bottle will be in between the two layers with the loose fleece strips on one end)
11- tie off all the loose strips on the one end of the bottle and double knot
12- use a ring or fleece strip to thread through the holes punched in the water bottle and the gaps of the tied off fleece
13- hang

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Krystal Barton said...

I can't see any pictures of your items. Is there any where else I can go to try to see them? They sound like great ideas!!!!