Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wodent Wheel Adjustment

1 - Cut the gutter guard to the length of the original track plus an extra 1/2"
2 - Trim the gutter guard down one side to be the same width as the original track.
3 - Insert into the rims of the Wodent Wheel with the ends overlapping (as shown in her picture) and assemble as normal...

Make sure that the overlapping edge of gutter guard has the pre-cut edge on the inside, and the end you trimmed on the outside. Also, at least for the gutter guard I bought, one side was much smoother than the other, so I made sure that the smooth side was the surface she ran on. It can also be tricky to get all the little jagged edges into the track slide.

Quick test: run your fingers or a moist tissue on the inside and see if you snag on anything. You know how fast these little gliders go on their wheels!!!

Voila! Adjusted wheel...

(thanks to sugarglidersuz for some of the instructions)

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