Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cylinder Pouch

1- cut a square piece of fleece (mine was about a 12"x12" and it's a pretty snuggly fit for a fluffy glider, lol)
2- cut out 1 1/2" squares on the corners
3- make 1 1/2" cuts down all 4 sides every 1/2" or so (just make sure you make the same even (not odd) number of cuts on all the sides)
4- fold the fleece in half with the good side facing out
5- tie each of the strips on one of the short sides together
6- do the same for the long side
7- on the second short side, tie off the strips that are next to each other together (kind of like a hem) or you can leave them loose
8- cut a strip of fleece or chain and thread through the top corner ties, make sure you double knot them
9- hang and stuff with fleece scraps

i hung the pouch in several different places, pick whichever your gliders likes most
-against the side of the cage
-hanging straight from the cage roof
-tied to a horizontal cross-cage bar (this one's good for the acrobatics in the family, although Miszka's a little fluffy to maneuver this one very well, lol)

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