Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bow Pouch

1- cut 12" square piece of fleece
2- fold corners over and make little cuts in the middle of the triangle (these slits are used to hang the pouch, so they don't need to be very big at all) IMAGE
3- take fleece and fold in half
4- make small slits on the folded side about a half inch from each end. IMAGE
5- fold fleece in the other direction and repeat step 4. IMAGE
6- cut 2 lengths of fleece, make sure they're not cut in the stretchy direction
7- take to opposite corners and thread with one strip, repeat with the other strip for the remaining 2 corners

you can also just use a baby link to thread the 4 corners through for hanging

8- fold out each of the 4 openings and use a short strip of fleece to tie a bow through the slit
9- tie pouch onto cage top or beam

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